Thrive Together Talks

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Do you have a sport you love and drive’s you every day?

If yes, your heart, passion and will to survive is something we want to help facilitate. Tell us how KICKcancER can help take your dreams to the next level.


Our movement focuses on these three areas to help families live well and feel good.

  • Nutrition

    Increase healthy fats & avoid sugar.
    We educate on how to use a nutrient dense diet full of healthy fats, proteins and carbohydrates to address nutrient deficiencies and allow the body to thrive through cancer.

  • Detox

    Dump toxins & remove tumor waste.
    Studies show that one of the causes of cancer is an inability to properly detox the body. Thus, our focus on supporting the body to properly detox as well as rid the body of toxic chemicals as well as removing the dead tumor waste during treatment.

  • Nourish

    Improve immune systems & avoid side effects.

    We educate on how to use certified pure, therapeutic grade essential oils to help support the body in healing as well as helping mitigate side effects from the body that comes from conventional treatment.